Looking Good!!!!!!!!!!







Detroit Chief of Police James Craig talking with the Rivertown Detroit members

Rivertown Detroit Association Meeting September 19th 2013 They Say Restaurant 267 Joseph Campau




Globe Building—”Extreme Makeover” Update 10-1-13




Rivertown Detroit Association Meeting–Law Firm of Garan Lucow Miller–Rooftop meeting center August 15, 2013







Detroit Police Department Northeast District Commander Duane McKissic briefing Rivertown members at August 15th, 2013 meeting

Detroit Economic Growth Corp briefs Rivertown on new $55M project–August 15th, 2013

Good Friends Meet at Arianna's



Greening of Detroit---The Master Plan--Detroit Works
Greening of Detroit–The Master Plan–Detroit Works







Rivertown Networking

Arianna’s Grille–Family Dining –Rivertown Detroit Assn. Meeting 2-21-13

Rivertown Detroit--Working Together!!!!!!!

Arianna’s Grille Family Dining Team

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