Next Rivertown Detroit Association Meeting-Thursday, February 18th, 2016–Bob Maxey Ford–1833 E. Jefferson Ave. –Rocket Fiber is Coming to Rivertown!!!!!

Rivertown Detroit Association Meeting Thursday February 18th , 2016         5PM-6:30PM

Meeting Location: Bob Maxey Ford–1833 East Jefferson Ave. 1-866-758-0523 (

General Information



Rocket Fiber is Coming to Rivertown Detroit!!!!!!




We’re thrilled to share some news with all those who have supported us since our company was founded last year that our hard work has paid off! We’ve laid 17 miles of brand new fiber optic cable, turned on service in Capitol Park and we are bringing 10-Gigabit internet to Detroit! We couldn’t have done it without your support, and without our amazing local Detroit crew. Also, we’d like to thank our clients in the Albert and Malcomson buildings who worked with us during our testing phase. Our customers all over Capitol Park are now happy and enjoying their super-fast Internet speeds.

What Have We Been Doing?

We’ve really enjoyed being out and about in the community these past few months. Nearly 100 people joined us for a great community discussion earlier this fall titled “Future Proofing Detroit” at Bamboo Detroit. We enjoyed hearing all of your great ideas about how Detroit can take a giant leap forward.

Speed isn’t the only thing on our mind, though we’ve certainly grown ourselves pretty quickly. We have moved into our brand new headquarters in downtown Detroit and filled the space with a vibrant and innovative crew. With more than 30 crew members including 14 dedicated client experience pros providing top-notch client experience, we can’t wait to show you how much a home-grown Internet provider cares. We also have a special new @RocketFiberHelp twitter account for our clients (and clients-to-be) to ask questions about our service or for that short and sweet reply you’re craving! We hope this makes everything easy and accessible for you. You can still call us anytime, we promise you’ll get to talk to a human. A special thanks to our Vice President of Client Experience, Christina Mathes, who’s worked hard to train and develop a client experience team who really loves serving our clients and loves serving Detroit.

New Rocket Fiber OfficeNew Rocket Fiber Office

Announcing #10GintheD!

After all we’ve been working on for Detroit, we haven’t paused for a moment, constantly working to be the best we can be for Detroiters. Which brings us to our next bit of exciting news for Detroit – our new 10-gigabit Internet speeds available to downtown residents. With these speeds we’re putting Detroit on the map! Only a handful of other cities in the world can offer Internet this fast to residents, and we are proud to make Detroit one of them. We know amazing things will come from this announcement. We can’t wait to see the creative and innovative ways Detroit will use 10 Gig.

The Facts

The new 10-gig service is 1,000 times faster than the current home average in the United States. Looking at the growing field of technology and the speed of advancement, the world is moving faster now and home Internet was in need of a serious boost. With our Internet you will no longer be limited by the capabilities of your network. Imagine being able to quickly upload, download or share anything, no matter the size of the file, from the comfort of your living room. In Detroit, this is becoming a reality.

“There is a growing demand for super-fast Internet as the world becomes more and more digital. Everyone and everything is online now, and most industries rely on digital technology,” says Rocket Fiber Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder Randy Foster.

Detroit is one of only a handful of cities globally that has access to this technology. Imagine your doctor using the 10 gig speeds to download and analyze scans or teleconference with you at any time of the day from inside his or her home office, giving you instant access to your doctor at any time. This will be a game changer for healthcare. With this technology coming to Detroit, we will be one of the world’s greatest smart cities.

What Does this Mean for Me?

Doctors and other healthcare folks are just some of the people who will benefit from having this technology at home. Imagine having the flexibility to create your own schedule, whenever you want, because you have the capability to work from home. The possibilities are endless. Need to be present for a delivery? Need to stay home with the kids? Don’t want to commute today? Sharing files in the blink of an eye and ultra-high definition teleconferencing with absolutely no lag time will make it seem just like you’re working in the office.

The ability to work from home isn’t the only advantage of 10-gig Internet. You can watch videos, update your social media, share content or just browse the vast landscape of the Internet as fast as they can in a futuristic sci-fi movie. You will even have the advantage in online gaming over your opponents playing with traditional connections that lag.

Heard of the Internet of Things (IoT)? It is the network of “smart” objects – things with electronics, software and Internet connectivity embedded inside. IoT allows for more integration between the physical world and online. With 10-gig, you can connect many IoT devices into your network without bogging it down. Phones, tablets, computers, televisions, home security devices, even your kitchen appliances – the list goes on … Lock your doors from work, turn on your lights from across town, close the garage door and arm your security system from miles away, all with an app and some smart devices inside your home connected to your blazing fast, bandwidth-rich 10-gig Internet.

Rocket Fiber is dedicated to serving Detroiters and bringing this technology to the city. Our residential plans come with no contracts, no fees and no hassles. We want you to know we’re always open to your thoughts on how we can collaborate to create a better Detroit together. Feel free to tweet us, call us or comment here, but most importantly show us what you can do with Rocket Fiber speed to make your ideas a reality.

By the way…if you’ve signed up and live downtown, thank you. We’re coming your way soon. You can contact us with any specific questions. We are working to speak with building owners or managers across the city to successfully turn up Rocket speeds for your home and office.

If you’re outside of Downtown, know that we’re still working hard to get to you. You can gather your neighbors together to show their support. Looking for service for your business? Want to say hello? Contact us at Rocket Fiber at 844-84-Rocket, or Engage us on social media with the hashtag #10GintheD. It’s time for lift-off Detroit!

Read the Rocket Fiber 10-Gigabit announcement press release here.

  • 5PM-5:15PM–Register, Meet, Greet
  • 5:15 PM Rivertown Updates. Special update on all that is happening at Garden Court!!!!  Wow!!!
  • Welcome by the Bob Maxey Ford team
  • Rocket Fiber CEO will update Rivertown on Rocket Fiber–What it is, How it Works and When you can get started!!!!!!!!!!  Fantastic!!!!!!
  • Past meetings–see Memories tab for photos on our website


Rivertown Detroit Association-focused on improving living and working in Rivertown
Detroit. Membership–Work in Rivertown/Live in Rivertown area/Friend of Rivertown
Detroit. No cost to be a member—just looking for your time, talent and interest in
supporting and improving Rivertown Detroit.

Committees–Finance ( Ronnie Johnson–Diversified Members Credit Union),Advertising & PR Communications/e-newsletter (Bill Brey, Detroit Chamber of Commerce), Technology (Michael Rohde), Welcome–(Connie Bailey, Prime Time Travel), Scholarship–(Constance Bailey–Primetime Travel), Safety & Security (Duncan Eady–East Jefferson Inc.) Garden Club (Chair–Barb Hayes, Detroit Garden Center),History & Heritage (Charlie Lauhoff, Lauhoff & Corp.),Economic Development (Greg Williams, FRG Consultants), Arts Committee( Chair-Kristine Diven, District VII Gallery & Creative Space), Detroit Police Department (Captain Kyra Hope), Jefferson Ave./Streetscape(Chair-Josh Elling, East Jefferson, Inc.),Detroit RiverFront Conservancy Liaison(Chair–Michele Marine), Downtown Detroit Partnership Laison (Chair–Maryann Marantette Listman), Health & Wellness (Dr. Suzette Olaker-Copeland, MD, Loretta Davis, Institute for Population Health), Government Relations (Sher Smith), Rivertown Chaplain—Fr. Tim McCabe, SJ–Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Real Estate (Chair-Sandra Dixon, Quality Service Real Estate), Transportation (Shanelle Jackson, Regional  Transit Authority) and others.

  • Rivertown Detroit Association coordinates efforts with the the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy, Downtown Detroit Partnership, REAL, Jefferson East, Inc. ,Detroit Police Department Riverfront plus Community and Police Committee, the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, Detroit Fire Department and Friends of the Detroit River.

US Customs and Border Protection Operation Riverwatch 1-800-537-3220–Report any suspicious activity

Thank you to Walgreen’s, CVS, WGPR  for the “Welcome to Rivertown Detroit”on your electronic signs–we are getting the word out.


  • 2016

*February 18—Bob Maxey Ford—Rocket Fiber is coming to Rivertown–CEO Rocket Fiber to provide all of the highlights.

*March 24th—Harbortown Market

*April 14th--Big Boy on East Jefferson Ave.

*May 19th–Everest Institute

*June 16th-—US Coast Guard Station–Rivertown– & Overview

*July 14th–Detroit River Boat Cruise for Scharlorships

*August 18th–Diversified Members Credit Union

*September 15th–TBD

*October 20th–Oktoberfest at Atwater Brewery

*November 17th--New WGPR Historical Museum on East Jefferson Ave.

*December 15th–Rivertown Detroit Fire House–”Adopt A Fire House”



Detroit RiverFront Conservancy—Some Dates To Remember for Fun in Rivertown See for more details

  • Eco-Green-Energy–Rivertown’s Official Lighting Energy Efficiency Company-- Eco-Green-Energy, LLC. ( Providing efficient lighting recommendations and solutions for your business. Contact Butch Wardwell at 1-313-410-4358 or by email for a consultation and review. Helping businesses save money on energy!!!!!

  • Fifth Third Bank-–Official Bank of Rivertown Detroit. Contact Vice President Juliana Perry at the Rivertown Detroit Branch for your banking needs 1-313-567-5348.
  • Centurion Services-Official Carpet & Textile Services for Rivertown-See ad on this site.
  • Eastside Colts–Official Football Team of Rivertown– Looking for sponsors, grants, supports for the 2016 season–Adopt a team–Contact Coach Steph  1-313-926-7771
  • The Vestry-Official Mens’ Clothier since 2011 in the heart of Rivertown-Chene Square-www.the 1-313-567-4700
  • Roberts Riverwalk Hotel-Official Hotel of Rivertown Detroit–ask about the special Rivertown Detroit rates–Sunday-through Thursday–1000 River Place–see advertisement on this website for reservations.
    • Arthur J. Rohde & Co.–Official Office Suite Rental Company of Rivertown Detroit–Large suites to virtual offices. Conference room available. Right next to the IHOP and across the street from Staples. See advertisement this page.
    • Diversified Mambers Credit Union–Official Credit Union of Rivertown Detroit-See their advertisement on our website “We Believe In You”
    • “Chip” Gibson Painting—-Official Rivertown Detroit painter–residential and commercial—see his advertisement on our website.
    • Robinson Furniture—Official Furniture store of Rivertown Detroit–see their advertisement on our website. “You Have An Uncle In The Furniture Business”–See Scott Bradley for the Best Furniture Deals In town and Air Conditioners, Tires & Rims, Bedding, Bed Bug Covers, TVs & Bar BQs, Lawn Movers, Snow Blowers, Appliances, and Accessories–Wow!!!
    • Royal Transportation–Official transportation company of Rivertown Detroit– or 1-313-331-8700. “Experience The Royal Treatment”
    • Harbortown Market--Official market of Rivertown–3472 E. Jefferson Ave. 1-313-259-9400/–Your location for Holiday shopping–Fresh produce and meats, excellent selection of wines. Be sure to stop in and see Louie!!!!!!!



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